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Please note that, due to the nature of their intended audience, many--if not the majority--of the books listed in this section have the owners' names written on the inside front cover or title page.

Jak yly Dinozaury by Steve Parker (1991) SOLD
Originally published as Dinosaurs and How They Lived.
This is the Polish language edition.
Hardcover. Illustrated by Guiliano Fornari Sergio. 64 pages.
wiat Wczoraj I Dzi [Printing Unknown]
Book is Very Fine.

John C. Fremont: Western Pathfinder by Sanford Tousey (1953) $16.00
Hardcover. Illustrated by Sanford Tousey. 48 pages.
Albert Whitman & Company [First Printing]
Book is Very Fine.

Jokes and Riddles to Read Aloud by Oscar Weigle (1962) $4.00
Softcover. Illustrated by Jessica Zemsky. 128 pages. SRP: 39¢.
Wonder Books #2031 [First Printing]
Book is Fine.

Just Think How Much by Toni S. Gould and Kathleen Teague (1972) $8.00
Hardcover. Illustrated. 96 pages.
Random House, Inc. [First Printing]
Book is Fine Plus. (Light crayon marks on contents page, otherwise nice.)

Kids Are Natural Cooks by Roz Ault and Liz Uraneckj (1972) $4.00
Spiral-Bound Softcover. Illustrated by Lady McCrady. 132 pages. SRP: $5.95.
Houghton Mifflin Company [Fifth Printing]
Book is Fine.

Killer Whale! by Joseph J. Cook and William L. Wisner (1963) $16.00
Hardcover w/ Dust Jacket. Illustrated. 64 pages. SRP: $5.95.
Dodd, Mead & Company [First Printing]
Book is Near Mint Minus.
Dust Jacket is Very Fine.

Koala! by Martha Olson Condit (1981) $2.00
Softcover. Illustrated by John Hawkinson. 32 pages.
Scholastic Book Services [Second Printing]
Book is Very Fine Minus save for sticker on inside front cover.

Kon-Tiki for Young People by Thor Heyerdahl (1960) $3.00
Hardcover. Illustrated by William Neebe. 164 pages.
Rand McNally & Company [First Printing]
Book is Very Good Plus. (Edge and corner wear.)

Last of the Dinosaurs by David Eldridge (1980) $10.00
Softcover. Illustrated by Norman Nodel. 32 pages.
Troll Associates [First Printing]
Book is Very Fine.

Let Them Be Themselves by Lee Bennett Hopkins (March 1971) $3.00
Softcover. Illustrated. 206 pages.
Scholastic Book Services #TX-1594 [Third Printing]
Book is Very Fine.

Let's Find Out About Magnets by David C. Knight (November 1976) $3.00
Softcover. Illustrated by Don Miller. 48 pages.
Reader's Digest Services #PB011 [Third Printing]
Book is Fine save for sticker and pen marks on inside front cover.

Let's Find Out About the Moon by Martha Shapp and Charles Shapp (November 1966) SOLD
Softcover. Illustrated by Yukio Tashiro. SRP: 45.
Scholastic Books #TW-968 [First Printing]
Book is Fine Plus. (Light creasing.)

Let's Read About Rocks by Iris Tracy Comfort (1969) $3.00
Hardcover. Illustrated by Seymour Fleishman. 28 pages. SRP: 19¢.
Randy McNally & Company [First Printing]
Book is Fine Plus.

The Life and Words of John F. Kennedy by James Playsted Wood (1964) $3.00
Hardcover. Illustrated. 84 pages.
Country Beautiful Foundation, Inc. [First Printing]
Book is Very Good Plus.

Life in the Renaissance by Marzieh Gail (1968) SOLD
Hardcover. Illustrated. 160 pages.
Random House [First Printing]
Book is Very Fine.

Little Boy Blue: Finger Plays Old and New by Daphne Hogstrom (1966) $3.00
Softcover. Illustrated by Alice Schlesinger. 24 pages. SRP: $1.00.
Golden press/Western Publishing Company # 10956 [First Printing]
Book is Very Good Minus. (Numerous heavy cover creases.)

Little Tyke by Georges H. Westbrau (1956) $3.00
Softcover. Illustrated. 116 pages.
Pacific Press [First Printing]
Book is Fine Minus. (Mild creasing and foxing on cover.)

The Little Witch's Black Magic Cookbook by Linda Glovach (1972) $5.00
Softcover. Illustrated by Linda Glovach. 48 pages. SRP: 95¢.
Xerox Corporation [First Printing]
Book is Very Fine save for miscut.

Look and See by Albert B. Carr and Lawrence F. Lowery (1969) $3.00
Hardcover. Illustrated by Susan Dolesch. 36 pages.
Golden Press #11212 [First Printing]
Book is Very Fine Minus.

Looking at the Ways of Nature (1967) $3.00
Hardcover. Illustrated. 96 pages.
State Department of Education [First Printing]

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