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Barbie Fashion Doll Case (1982) $10.00
Mattel, Inc. #1002 [10" x 12" x 2"]
Case is Fine. (Two " corner cracks, mild ink stains on back.)

Barbie, World of... Doll Trunk (1968) $16.00
Mattel, Inc. [10" x 13" x 7"]
Trunk is Fine. (Faded felt marker on top edge, writing on bottom of cardboard accessories box,
missing metal closet rods and possibly cardboard inserts. No splits in vinyl.)

Barbie, World of... Double Doll Case (1968) $24.00
Mattel, Inc. #1007 [18" x 13" x 3"]
Trunk is Very Fine.

Fashion Doll Trunk (circa 1960s/1970s) $20.00
Tara Toy Corporation #K12 [10" x 13" x 7"]
Trunk is Very Good Plus. (A couple of small cracks along spine,
one of two interior cardboard inserts has been repaired.)

Fashion Doll Wardrobe Case (circa 1960s) $20.00
Miner Industries [10" x 12" x 3"]
Case is Very Fine, although not certain if complete.

Miki Wardrobe Case (1970) $10.00
Uneeda Doll Company [6" x 8" x 1"]
Case is Very Fine.

Skipper Doll Case (1969) $10.00
Mattel, Inc. #4966 [10" x 10" x 2"]
Case is Very Good.
(Minor corner wear, faded felt pen on upper front, rusting/tarnishing of latch.)

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