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American Lobby Card for IT! (1966) Seven Arts Productions
From the collection of Scott Aaron Stine

The pages in this section comprise a (nearly) complete list of films that aired on Nightmare Theatre between 1964 and 1978, culled from the television listings printed in the local weekly newspaper, The Everett Herald. Keep in mind that what was listed wasn't necessarily always what was shown, and unless someone made a first person account of what was actually aired in what time slots, the list will never be one hundred percent accurate. Occasionally, the program was shifted or pre-empted because of a pesky sports game that ran into overtime, or a holiday program that was deemed more "fitting," or someone at the station or the newspaper simply made a boo-boo. Also keep in mind that--although every attempt has been made to verify the film in question and the dates--details for some films have proven elusive because they were shown under an uncommon retitle that has escaped current reference works. If a film was aired under a known retitle, I have included the film's original theatrical title following the date of production.

If anyone has any additions or corrections to these listing, feel free to e-mail me with any information you may have.

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