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w w w . j p p a t c h e s . c o m

Chances are great that, if you were a fan of Nightmare Theatre in your youth, you were also a fan of--or were at least familiar with--The J.P. Patches Show, which was directed by and occasionally featured Towey as one of the show's many eccentric character actors. Not only was this the longest running children's programs at the time it aired its last show in 1981, it still boasts one of the largest cult followings even though it hasn't produced a new episode in over twenty-four years. If you have any fond memories of The J.P. Patches Show, I strongly suggest that you visit the site in order to relive some long overdue magic. (And, if you have a couple of extra bucks, Chris "J.P. Patches" Wedes offers some cool Patches-related memorabilia for sale, including the J.P. Patches Memories VHS which includes the only available footage of Nightmare Theatre, from a posthumous Halloween special aired in 1978.

w w w . h o r r o r h o s t g r a v e y a r d . c o m

Although I never had the opportunity to catch Channel 13's horror host Dr. ZinGRR (1971-1976) because of the poor reception in my area, many Nightmare Theatre fans will have and may have similarly fond memories of him. Even if you don't and--like me--had absolutely no clue that another Washington horror host even existed during the time when Nightmare Theatre prevailed in the region, check out this tribute to Robert "Dr. ZinGRR" Smith at the Horror Host Graveyard so you can get some idea of what you may have missed. (This was originally a link to Robert Smith's Official Website, but it appears it is no longer around.)

h t t p : / / w w w . d r s a n g u i n a r y . o r g . h t m l

h t t p : / / m y w e b . w v n e t . e d u / e - g o r / t v h o r r o r h o s t s /

h t t p : / / w w w . m y m o v i e m o n s t e r s . c o m

h t t p : / / g . we b r i n g . c o m / h u b ? r i n g = j e e p e r s r i n g

For those interested in the horror host craze as it pertains to the entire United States and not just the Pacific Northwest, check out these other websites as primers or excellent resources to The Count's innumerable pasty-faced peers. Although some of the information is scant and/or erroneous as it pertains to The Count (I can't vouch for the others), these websites are exhaustive in their breadth and will tickle the fancies of many older horror fans.

w w w . m a l j a r d i n . c o m

w w w . s t r a n g e p a r a d i s e . n e t

Those individuals who stayed up late to watch Nightmare Theatre towards the latter half of 1970 may remember this gothic soap opera, Strange Paradise (1969-1970), filling the slot usually reserved for the second half of the program's creature feature double-bill. Inspired by the American hit Dark Shadows (1966-1971), this engaging daily was similarly steeped in the supernatural, and was popular enough during it's extremely short run to spawn a series of paperback novelizations penned by prolific gothic writer Dorothy Daniels. These wonderful websites pay tribute to this series, and offers fans a potpourri of Strange Paradise references and trivia, from extensive episode guides to televised bloopers. Like Nightmare Theatre, Strange Paradise is a part of our television heritage that should not be forgotten.

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