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Update October 24, 2009:

It has been far, far too long since I've made any updates to this site, and I apologize profusely to all of the devoted readers who rely on Nightmare Theatre NW for their nostalgic fix of all things The Count. Unfortunately, since I started going back to school last January, I've had almost no free time to keep up on the demands of this and my other websites.

I am sure Nightmare Theatre has crossed your collective minds--as it has mine--with Halloween just around the corner. I am already piling up DVDs in which to indulge next weekend, hoping to evoke even a modicum of childhood nostalgia. Undoubtedly, I will even drag out what little footage I have of Nightmare Theatre to kick off the modest festivities.

Last but not least, my new book, Trashfiend: Disposable Horror Fare of the 1960s & 1970s, is now available in the UK from the publisher at (click http://headpress.com/ShowProduct.aspx?ID=78 for more information) as well as stateside outlets such as Amazon.com (click http://www.amazon.com/Trashfiend-Disposable-Horror-Culture-1960s/ for more information). As promised, this book boasts a twenty-seven page feature devoted to Nightmare Theatre and Joe Towey, the man behind "The Count." I am extremely proud of this feature (as well as the remainder of the book, also a true labor of love), and it's a steal at $19.95 (although it is currently being offered at Amazon for a paltry $13.57 with free Super Saver Shipping).

Anywho, despite having a serious head cold, I am determined to finish updating this site tonight so that it will be in tip-top shape for holidays. So, sit back, enjoy the halloween season, and give "thanks" to the many who got us all hooked on the monsters we love so dear. This one's for you, Joe!

Update July 28, 2008:

As some of you may know, Channel 7 aired a special on July 26, namely KIRO 7: 50 Golden Years, which was written and directed by Ben Saboonchian, photographed by Peter Frerichs and edited by Peter Gamba and Rick Woolery. In addition to some footage of The J.P. Patches Show that did not appear on the VHS and DVD collections released a few years back, the undisputed highlight for visitors to this website was footage of the Count from the Nightmare Theatre Halloween Special from 1978. (Previously, I had attributed the audio clip featured on the Home page of Nightmare Theatre NW to this time slot, so if anyone knows when this particularly piece actually aired, drop me a line.) At first, though, I was annoyed that there was narration over the footage, which was brief. Suffice it to say, I was ecstatic to discover that an unexpurgated version of the Halloween Special wraparound can be viewed on KIRO-TV's website. (http://www.kirotv.com/video/16967726/index.html) Included are the endcaps as well as an intermission featuring the Count in all his cheesy glory. I suugest that anyone interested in this footage hurry over to KIRO's site and check it out before they pull it.

More to come!

Update April 17, 2008:

Nightmare Theatre is now an official entry in Wikipedia! Having discovered mentions of our beloved program in their entry for KIRO-TV, I wasted little time in expanding their information on both Nightmare Theatre and The J.P. Patches. Not content with a few brief paragraphs devoted to the Count, I then wrote an expanded article for stand alone inclusion. It is still int he process of being finalized and approved, but anyone wanting to check it out for themselves can go to www.wikipedia.org and do a search for Nightmare Theatre. This show will not be forgotten, dagnabbit!

Update April 16, 2008:

While doing some research on the Internet, I discovered the distressing news that Chris "J.P. Patches" Wedes has been battling cancer since last year. I just want give a quick shout out from myself and all of the fans reading this that our hearts are with you, and we all hope for a speedy recovery. Although I have never met him in person, I had the opportunity to speak with him about four years ago over the phone about Nightmare Theatre; suffice it to say, being able to talk to one of my childhood idols was an experience I will never forget. Take care, Chris; all of us Patches Pals (and, yes, even us Boris Buddies) hope you will be around for many years to come! (I have reprinted a piece about this announcement on the Articles page if anyone is interested in checking it out.)

Update February 26, 2008:

I have just received news from my publisher that my forthcoming book, Trashfiend: Disposable Horror Fare of the 1960s and 1970s (which, as I mentioned in an earlier update, includes a lengthy section devoted to Nightmare Theatre) has been postponed yet again. Although its release date is now set for 2009, the publisher seems fairly confident that it will probably be published much sooner than said street date, although how much sooner is still up in the air. I will continue to post news about its progress as it comes to light. Sorry for the continued delays, but believe me when I say that no one is more disappointed than me, as it's been a long time coming. Thanks for your patience.

Update October 15, 2007:

I have recently switched both my ISP (Earthlink) and my web host (BizLand) over to a new company, Fidalgo, for reasons too numerous to mention. Although the new Nightmare Theatre site (now referred to as "Nightmare Theatre NW" in order to differentiate itself from sites with similar names) is almost live, it may be a few weeks until everything is straightended away. (One way or another, it will be fully functional by October 27--just in time for Halloween--as that is when the old BizLand site will be deleted permanently from the server.) The new domain name is "www.nightmaretheatrenw.net" so please bookmark this new URL for future visitations. Similarly, I can now be reached via e-mail at my new address, " t r a s h f i e n d @ f i d a l g o . n e t " so make the appropriate changes in your address book if you have corresponded with me in the past. Thanks!

Update July 30, 2007:

My forthcoming book, Trashfiend: Disposable Horror Fare of the 1960s & 1970s, is now slated for an early 2008 release from Critical Vision/Headpress Publishing. It will include what is now the first half of a two-part piece, "Sleepless in Seattle: Up All Night With Nightmare Theatre;" the second half will appear in the second volume of this new series of books which is a spin-off of the magazine of the same name. As I stated elsewhere on this site, I have been contacted by several members of Joe Towey's relatives as well as several of his close friends with whom he worked; unfortunately, due to a computer crash, I lost their e-mail addresses and all correspondence after I had made plans to interview them for this series of articles. If by chance you are one of those people, or are or know someone who was close to Towey and would like to contribute, please contact me and we'll set up a meeting at your convenience. Thanks in advance to anyone who wishes to share their memories of this creative and well-loved personality.

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