H E L P   W A N T E D

Promotional Flyer for the NIGHTMARE THEATRE NW Website (2007) Stigmata Press
From the collection of Scott Aaron Stine

I am currently working on an article about Nightmare Theatre, and am in desperate need of any related ephemera and memorabilia. I am willing to pay a fair price for any promotional materials; to my knowledge, there exists promotional stills of Joe Towey as The Count (some signed), a postcard promoting Nightmare Theatre (reproduced above), one or more pinback buttons depicting The Count and/or the Nightmare Theatre logo, and who knows what else. I am also in need of any articles, clippings or photographs pertaining to the program and its host Joe Towey. If you do not want to art witch such treasures, but would still like to help, I can also use high resolution scans of the items, which would need to be scanned at full-size, full-color (RGB), at 300 ppi, preferably saved as an Adobe Photo Shop file, although many other programs will suffice. (Saving files as JPEGs and GIFs usually do not yield quality results for publishing purposes.) If you can help out with any reproductions, please e-mail me prior to sending them so I can determine if it is something I can use for my article and/or this site. Anyone who can help out will receive a contributor's credit.

I would also like the opportunity to correspond with or even interview anyone who worked on the program, or who may have known Joe Towey. Again, this material may be used in my article, or at the very least appear on this site. Help on any of the above is greatly appreciated.

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